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The best new PC games in 2022

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The best new PC games in 2022

The best new PC games in 2022

The best new PC games in 2022

Stay up to date with the best new PC games around this year so you don’t miss out on the freshest experiences on which to spend your hard earned cash

What are the best new PC games 2022? Perhaps you have just been paid, bank account fat with virtual dosh, or you simply want to get caught up with the latest PC games because they are, well, new and shiny.

It is all well and good starting another daring round of PUBG, taking on a new 100-hour Football Manager save, or yet another The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim adventure but, as much as we love setting mammoths ablaze, there are plenty of new PC games that will more than supply your gaming fix. You don’t want to be the person who isn’t In The Know now, do you?

These days, new PC games pour onto Steam at a frankly dizzying rate, making it impossible to keep up with them all. Thankfully, us kind folk at PCGamesN have separated the wheat from the chaff when it comes to recent PC releases. So, below you will find every new PC games for which you should be saving up your pennies. This list is updated regularly to include the latest releases.

The best new PC games in 2022 are:


New game V Rising


V Rising is currently in Steam Early Access, and has already become an instant hit. It’s been likened to another early access survival game, Valheim, which released in early 2021. In this isometric open-world game, you and your pals play as weak vampires that must regain strength by hunting for blood and building up your knowledge of the world after a long slumber in a coffin. You can play solo or online with or against other vampires fighting all sorts of unholy monsters and evil creatures, all the while evading daylight and building a base worthy of Dracula. Keen to get stuck in? Here’s our ultimate beginner’s guide to V Rising, and how to build a base in V Rising, as well as all the best V Rising weapons.

The best new PC games in 2022


The fourth iteration in this space 4X series brings plenty of modern ideas and forward-thinking design to a deep, complex strategy game. Choose from one of 18 civilisations – some fan favourites, but plenty of new faces too – and guide them to glory as they explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate their way across the galaxy.

The galaxy map is now divided into sectors, and Galactic Achievements feed into the new prestige victory that can help you claim ultimate victory without the usual endgame malaise. This space game is off to a strong start, but there is plenty of room for improvement, and you can read our Galactic Civilizations IV review for more on what we thought of Stardock’s latest epic.

An AT-ST walker and an Ewok from new game Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga


The Skywalker Saga gives you another chance to immerse yourself in George Lucas’ sci-fi fantasy world in the blocky form of Lego. But, this isn’t just a rehash of The Complete Saga with The Force Awakens tacked on: you get proper Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga space exploration in this one, which is pretty great.

The films already covered in the game have been remade, and you can tackle them in any order. You can also explore space just as you did Lego Marvel Superheroes’ Manhattan. What’s more, you can fight and explore the inside of Star Destroyers, each made of 18 million digital bricks.

A scary looking lady from TIny Tina's Wonderland, one of the best new pc games


Any fears that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands was going to be an ersatz Borderlands 4 were doused the moment we got our hands on the game. As Phil Iwaniauk writes in our Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands review, it’s “still recognisably Borderlands, but the sense of place and improvisation elevates Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands beyond expectations.”

There are elements of the game that could still do with some polish, but this is an excellent entry in the popular series of FPS games that manages to avoid repeating old tropes. Definitely check it out if you’re a Borderlands fan looking for something familiar, but refreshing.

new games elden ring


FromSoft’s follow up to the Dark Souls games doesn’t disappoint. As we describe in our Elden Ring review, it’s their “very best work, transported to a totally new space. Elden Ring is not only a masterpiece by its developer’s lofty standards, but in packing so much density into the Lands Between, it lights the path ahead for open-world games in general.”

This deep, intricate fantasy game is full of surprises with that sprinkle of Souls magic. Fans familiar with gruelling boss fights and harsh yet rewarding combat will find a lot to love in Elden Ring, and the addition of spirit summons – poison spewing jellyfish and scythe-wielding skeletal bandits to help you fight – makes these encounters satisfying instead of daunting. The introduction of an open world has only elevated Elden Ring’s offering, making each area a treasure box of collectibles, secrets, and special weapons. Players are not only rewarded for their exploration, but can delight in the findings of their hard work – stumbling across hidden side quests and being ambushed by fierce dragons never felt so epic.

Four Lost Ark characters in a rocky dungeon, standing in front of a huge monster with many limbs and a large tail


Smilegate’s isometric free MMO has finally launched on Western servers, courtesy of Amazon Game Studios, and immediately smashed CS:GO and Dota 2’s Steam peak player records. Granted, the extensive queues for some Lost Ark servers may be contributing to that figure, but once you’re in, Lost Ark has an overwhelming amount of content for MMO fans to get stuck into as you level up to 50 and beyond.

30 Best PC games to play right now

Our list of the 30 best PC games helps you to find something to play, whether you’re new to PC gaming or want to catch up during the wait for a new blockbuster. Even if there are fewer big hitters out there right now, we also have a selection of great new games you otherwise may have missed.

Our best PC games list has indie pearls, strategy games, FPS games, and much more. There is something for everyone, whether you like to play by yourself or with friends. If you want to play everything, you’ll need a machine that can run anything. Thankfully we’ve also got buyers guides with PCs for every budget. Whether you want to build how to build a high-end gaming PC , take gaming with you with one of the best gaming laptops or want one of the best gaming PCs out of the box, we’ve got options for you. Our Steam Deck review on the other hand can tell you if you should go for one of Valve’s handhelds next time they become available.

The best new PC games in 2022

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